Thursday, July 13, 2017

One does not simply "get over it"

Tigranes Utidjian:

As far as I can tell the attempts, till now, to acknowledge crimes, have been along the lines of: everybody was doing it; it wasn't that bad, some masters were good to their slaves; in the New York times recently: "We were building a great nation" we had to break a few eggs.

Steve Wolf:

Exactly. The messages I've gotten my entire life are:

So, America did bad things - in the past.

There's nothing we can do about the entire history of the world. Can't worry about what you can't change (and besides, what - are you going to give up your house? are you going to give away all of your money?)

So just "make peace with it."

Learn to move on. Do what you can now, and accept that things are the way that they are.  Humans are greedy and terrible and war-like and cruel.  Just the way we *all* are.


I don't want to make my peace with being a people who committed genocide and "just get on with it" without actually owning up to the fact that:


I'm fine if we want to talk about reparations, apologies, real attempts to heal the wounds, and learn to all live together as TRUE EQUALS.


But that's not what white Americans want.

They want whites to forget all this stuff - ignore it all - and just continue pretending these crimes are only in the past and there's nothing to be done now.

They want whites to keep pretending that we're all equals now - that things are fair now, despite overwhelming endless EVIDENCE that they are NOT EQUAL now.

RACISM is HERE and NOW and CONTINUES every day.



I want my white brethren to stop FUCKING LYING to themselves, and be HONEST for just ONE FUCKING SECOND in their STOLEN lives.

And admit it - just fucking admit it.

Your WEALTH (whatever degree you have) is a goddamn WAR CRIME against HUMANITY.

And - if you don't like that reality...

Then fuckiing step up and participate in how to fix it...

So that we really can move forward as actual honest-to-goodness equals...

Instead of liars, thieves, and gaslighters.