Thursday, April 6, 2017

So you really want to change things for the better?

So you really want to change things for the better, and you want someone to tell you how?

Nobody knows how.

But hell - most don't even want to change anything at all - they spend a lot of time denying anything is wrong / justifying the way things are / telling everyone they're crazy for even questioning the way things are.

If you're at least aware that society is rigged in favor of the Hillary's and the Trumps against almost everyone else, and you don't want to defend that -- then you're on the right track.
A small number of people can't just decide to change it for the better for everyone - not as far as I'm aware. (the opposite is more possible - a few people can make things even worse - terrorism, for example).

For things to get better - folks have to come to accept that the way things are isn't even close to the best it can be - and isn't even acceptable... It's wrong, and inhumane, and unhealthy for all concerned - and with global warming - it's a terminal situation unless we radically change as a species.
Struggle of mass of people against the owner/ruler class is the only thing that has ever worked - and for that to happen - we need a ton of folks to be willing to risk joining together to demand something better.

So - all you can do - is to help your friends and family and community to be open to the idea that things are unacceptably unjust and suicidal the way they're currently going - and that it's possible to demand a fairer split of the world's resources - and a system that is in balance with the world's ability to process our waste. Accept that's it's okay to scale back to a sustainable lifestyle that can accommodate 7 billion and climbing, instead of this insane consumption marathon we're running - apparently hell bent on destroying and using up everything to force our extinction as quickly as possible.

But that also means America can't be on top anymore - we can't be using Indonesians and Afghanis and poor kids in Somalia as indentured servants and economic slaves. We can't be turning a blind eye to our military extortion complex which strong arms peoples and nations all over the globe to rob them of resources and labor. We all have to accept that fair means fair for all. There is no other kind of fair, or world worth living in. Justice for all is a beginning, not an end. It is not a utopia, it is the absolute minimum foundation upon which to begin building a sustainable world that can allow our species to truly blossom and become something amazing.

And nobody deserves more or better - we all deserve equality. Nor do some deserve less, or worse. You did not come by what you have purely by yourself - you are standing on the shoulders of past generations and community that made it possible, and that continue to make it possible. We owe one another our respect, our love, and our solidarity.

From there, you're doing something radical by just being that honest and compassionate in the world.
Eventually change happens - it always does - on its own time. But by doing your part, you're helping to moving it a tiny bit further along, a little closer to now.

Beyond that - well - anyone who tells you this is simple or can be done quickly or claims violence will solve our problems is not working for you or anyone but themselves - and using you as cannon fodder in the process.

Ultimately none of us has the ability to make all of the difference for anyone but themselves and those around them. You can't change the whole world, but you can be a helper or a leader who helps light the way to ending injustice and cruelty. I hope we can all learn to work together in prosperity and common decency.